The Ides of March

I have always been fascinated by the “Ides of March.” Do we call it a holiday? A remembrance? A forewarning of sorts? The phrase “Beware the Ides of March” is a bit eerie. But, if we think of March as a month signifying change and strategy, we can look to the historical date of March 15 to inspire our strategic approach to goal setting, support, and measurement.

Julius Caesar was quite a formidable Roman general and statesman. He led a lot of armies in victory, defeating his political rivals, and, after seizing control of the government, he embarked on a series of social and governmental reforms. He created the calendar with 365 days! He gave citizenship to immigrants from far away regions. He led land and building improvements. He was an author and historian. He brought back prosperity to Rome. And, as one might predict (as did the soothsayer), his successes and ultimate power sparked envy among his peers, leading to his demise on March 15, 44 BC.

How can we maximize our ultimate success, without succumbing to challenges and barriers?

First, approach your goals and outcome measurement with careful planning:

Beware the Pitfalls: Much like Caesar needed to be cautious, we need to be mindful of potential pitfalls in our goal journey. Identify common obstacles that can hinder progress and devise contingency plans. Whether it’s a lack of resources or unforeseen challenges, acknowledging these risks prepares us to choose the most realistic, achievable, and meaningful goals. Et Tu, Procrastination? Caesar was betrayed by those close to him and our goals can be threatened by the traitor known as procrastination. Make sure your goals have clearly specified target dates.

Divide and Conquer: Just as Caesar faced monumental tasks, so do we when confronted with large goals. Goal scaling enables you to break down goals into more manageable goals. By dividing and conquering, the path to goal attainment becomes easier. Incremental victories fuel motivation. The goal scaling method transforms goal setting from success or failure to a series of achievable milestones.

The Soothsayer’s Wisdom: Just as the soothsayer warned Caesar, we need continual feedback on our progress and goal status to advise our next steps. Real reports in real time enable a more flexible and proactive approach to outcome measurement. Having access to goal activity at all levels within an organization increases transparency and the ability to capture what’s working and what needs attention. Let meaningful data drive your decision making.

Allies in Accountability: Caesar trusted his allies and so should we (just not Brutus, Cassius, and most of the Roman Senate near that mid-March date…). We know that developing goals and evaluating progress takes resources. Ensuring a personalized approach to goals can be even more time consuming and expensive. Goal Scaling Solutions leverages technology to provide regular check-ins and prompts to stay goal-focused, saving time and money. Ensuring scheduled reminders and progress review increases accountability. And our hierarchical level of users and access to data ensures everyone is on the same page.

So, trust us. We have your back.