The Problem

Non-profit organizations are responsible to the funders who finance their work. In today’s era, there is high pressure to show results and solutions. However, smaller non-profits often lack resources and information about evaluation tools that can be individualized to their needs.

Need for



and Retention

Excessive Reviews and Evaluations

Lack of Technology Tools to Support Core Values and Mission

Our Solution

GSS is more than the best goal setting software on the market. GSS tracks communication between key team members responsible for outcomes. The communication log for brief updates captures ongoing status, achievements, and milestones met. No more sifting through myriad and lengthy work emails to find the data you need for continuous quality improvement and reporting requirements. You don’t have to be an expert in data analysis: Customizable reports are automated, updated in real time, and available at the click of a button, saving you time and money.

If you are a funder providing oversight to multiple organizations with differing core missions and goals, GSS can be a universal outcome measure among your funded groups. You can compare outcomes across diverse organizations with diverse needs and expectations. GSS automated reporting in real time gives you quantitative data about the degree to which each organization is meeting its goals.

If you are a non-profit organization leader, you can simplify your evaluation process while still individualizing goals that are most meaningful and relevant to your core values and mission. Dashboard reporting provides clear visualization of your outcomes for each key performance indicator. GSS makes it easy to demonstrate transparency and accountability.

Example Goal Topic: Create corporate partnerships

Here’s an example goal scale for marketing and outreach staff communicating with the COO of a newly established NPO, using GSS for weekly updates for the first quarter.

0 = Baseline
1 = Less than Expected
2 = Expected
3 = More than Expected
4 = Much More than Expected

I will generate a list of potential regional partners that support our mission
I will meet with 1-3 potential partner agencies to establish relationships
I will meet with 4+ potential partner agencies to establish relationships
I will meet with 4+ agencies and formalize one partnership agreement
I will meet with 4+agencies and formalize 2+ partnership agreements

Learn more about how GSS can automate your evaluation process to enable continuous quality improvement while demonstrating your value to your community and funders.