Meet Our Newest Customer: Merze Tate College at Western Michigan University

Merze Tate College will be using Goal Scaling Solutions to support and track student engagement and professional development. This pilot project engages students and instructors in their First Year Experience (FYE) program using the CliftonStrengths Model (

Merze Tate College is an alliance of services, units, and departments within Western Michigan University, named after Dr. Merze Tate, a teacher, journalist, author, inventor, and advisor to world leaders. Dr. Tate was a first-generation student and Black woman who thrived against adversity with individualized help from WMU faculty and staff.

Dr. Tate was the first Black woman to receive a bachelor’s degree from WMU. She went on to receive a master’s degree from Columbia University and was the first Black woman to earn a PhD at Harvard. To learn more about Dr. Merze Tate, visit the college website at:

We are pleased to partner with Merze Tate College in meeting the individualized needs of students through goal-directed feedback and guidance, with efficient, user-friendly tech tools. We think Dr. Tate would approve of using innovative tools to ensure that all students receive the guidance and support they need to thrive.