Maintaining Your Goals During the Winter Chill

Okay, if you live in a tropical climate, you might not relate to the theme here, but for those of us huddled with the icy arms of winter wrapped around us, the metaphor fits. This long and dark time of hibernation can make it easy to lose our goal focus. However, with the right support, you can turn the chilly season into a veritable winter wonderland of achievement (too much?). Let’s talk strategy.

  1. Build your support network: Surround yourself with positive individuals both at work and at home. Join a class or online community where you can share your goals, your progress, and get support for managing challenges. If you are an employer or leader, create these opportunities and support participation.
  2. Adapt to the season: Winter can put a damper on goals involving outdoor activities or travel. It’s okay to adjust your goals to be more realistic and achievable during the colder months. Start a lunch hour indoor walking group at work. Explore online opportunities. Sign up for an online course or an interesting Master Class if you can’t travel.
  3. Build in an accountability mechanism. Find an accountability partner who shares your goals or someone you can check in with about your progress. This should be a person who is supportive but will keep you focused by helping you find solutions to obstacles. This positive partnership will increase your motivation to keep going. The research is clear on the value of accountability in achieving and maintaining goals.
  4. Celebrate small wins. Every step towards the end goal is an accomplishment and deserves a flurry of celebration (I promise that’s my last winter metaphor). Create a positive feedback loop that propels you forward, even on the darkest and coldest days (okay, I couldn’t resist a final one). For you employers and leaders, build an incentive program. Research also shows that employees who receive even small, tangible incentives are less likely to experience burnout. I love a good company-branded water bottle myself. I need to continually replenish my supply as they seem to somehow end up in the dishwasher despite instructions to hand wash…

But that’s a story for another day.

At Goal Scaling Solutions, we’ve automated the accountability partner and built in positive reinforcement for incremental, meaningful change over time. Whatever strategies you employ for maximizing goal achievement personally and professionally, let the research guide you in incorporating best practices for maximum results.

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