The Problem

In the healthcare setting, measurement of goal achievement is a requirement to demonstrate quality and efficiency. Current methods of measuring outcomes are time-consuming and minimally valued when not individualized. As a result, organizations continue to need program evaluation tools that save time and money.


Patient and Provider Disengagement

Unmet Health

Lack of Individualized Outcome Measurement

Shortage of Providers, Limiting Access to Care

High Costs of Providing Healthcare

Our Solution

GSS was inspired by the methodology of GAS: Goal Attainment Scaling, used in healthcare settings since 1968 to quantify and aggregate incremental change over time in individualized goals. By actively engaging patients in their health and wellness goals, we can facilitate improved health outcomes using GSS. For patients who have complex conditions and are high-utilizers of care, GSS can provide a telehealth option for goal monitoring:

Patient Physical Health Goals

(hypertension, wound care)

Patient Behavioral Goals

(depression, anxiety, substance abuse)

Daily Living Skills/Practical Life Skills

(mobility, nutrition, navigating available resources, return to work, personal safety)

Program Goals

(time to assessment, infection rate, seclusion and restraint use)

Example Goal Topic: Matters Most/Mobility

Here’s an example goal scale for an older adult, discharged from hospital following a stroke. Using the Geriatric 5Ms framework of Mind, Mobility, Medications, Multicomplexity, and Matters Most, this client has prioritized walking her dog (Matters Most), which also addresses mobility. She is communicating her progress with a daily update to her outpatient therapist she sees every other week.

0 = Baseline
1 = Less than Expected
2 = Expected
3 = More than Expected
4 = Much More than Expected

I have not walked my dog
I walked the dog to the mailbox
I walked the dog to the end of the street
I walked the dog to the end of the street twice today
I walked the dog to the shared greenspace where my neighbors gather

Learn more about how GSS can facilitate individualized goal achievement through telehealth, in-between clinic visits, and during public health restrictions.