Happy New Year! What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

Welcome to 2024! Along with toasting in the new year and packing up holiday decorations, many of us employ the age-old strategy of choosing a New Year’s resolution. We are filled with hope about the future. I myself make a new schedule for working out more regularly. Unfortunately, many of us fizzle out on achieving or working toward our goals long before the end of the year. Many factors contribute to goal achievement, including environmental supports and barriers. For example, I would totally meet my exercise goal if my new kittens weren’t waiting for me to come home and snuggle after a long workday. Snickers and Baby Ruth (the kittens, not the candy bars waiting for me in my pantry) are potential saboteurs of my 2024 resolution.

Organizations also follow a cyclical process for goal achievement, with selected annual and longer-term goals for their strategic plans. Supervisors and employees have goals that support the organization. However, following through regularly to check progress toward these goals doesn’t always happen as planned. Unexpected crises that require “putting out fires” can derail plans for proactive goal monitoring.

There are varied theoretical models that explain the “why” of behavior and the “how” of eliciting sustained behavior change.  These models inform best practices for fields such as healthcare, education, public health, communications, economics, and marketing. Did you know that Jennifer is a certified trainer for Motivational Interviewing, based on the Transtheoretical Model of Change? Motivational Interviewing is a goal-oriented type of communication that fosters motivation for behavior change. We know the struggle is real and that we all need help to stay focused on our goals and to navigate the barriers along the way. It helps to have someone checking in, to hold us accountable while providing encouragement and feedback. In fact, we have developed our app features, including our chat thread, to align with these best practices to increase motivation, accountability, and awareness.

Here’s to a new year of meeting and exceeding those goals that are most meaningful to you and your organization! And good luck with those personal New Year’s resolutions, too…


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