The Problem

In the business sector, measurement of key performance indicators is crucial to demonstrate quality, efficiency, growth, client retention, and customer satisfaction. Current methods of measuring outcomes are time-consuming and minimally valued when not individualized. As a result, organizations continue to need evaluation tools that save time and money.

Need for

Disconnect Between Employees and Managers

Limited Supervisory Tools to Support Employee Development and Engagement

Lack of Meaningful Data That Can Result in Real Change in Real Time

Low Retention/
High Turnover

Our Solution

GSS is more than employee goal setting software. GSS provides a full suite of tools with our employee goal management software. If you are a supervisor, mentor, job coach, or business leader:

GSS provides a digital platform for employees and supervisors to communicate about goal progress, successes, and obstacles

GSS is a management tool that can generate customizable quality improvement reports at the click of a button

GSS enables supervisors and administrators to work more efficiently in monitoring employee outcomes and organization goals

Example Goal Topic: Onboarding New Clients

Here’s an example goal scale for a new sales employee communicating with her operations manager, using GSS for weekly accountability updates.

0 = Baseline
1 = Less than Expected
2 = Expected
3 = More than Expected
4 = Much More than Expected

I have completed the sales orientation process
I have engaged 1-3 qualified leads
I have engaged 4-6 qualified leads
I have completed one sale with a new client
I have completed the 9-step onboarding process for a client with a positive customer review

Learn more about how GSS can help you meet your employee, management, and organizational goals, saving time and money.