Goal Scaling Solutions

Changing the way you think about goals

Do you have difficulty meeting goals?

Do you need to measure outcomes for diverse groups?

Are you tired of only measuring mere success or failure?

Are you looking for goal setting software to improve efficiency and results?

Goal Scaling Solutions provides a platform, tools, app, and engagement with a professional success coach to help you reach your individualized goals.

Learn more about how our solution works in your specific environment.

Our Solution

We have harnessed the core principles of the well-known Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS) methodology into the world’s first app of its kind.

Changing the way you think about and meet goals

  • Envisioning the full range of potential outcomes
  • Sensitive to incremental progress over time
  • Provides the tools to report on aggregated goals (management tool)

Improved outcomes with intrinsic motivators include:

  • Goals that can be updated anywhere
  • Goal activity communication between users
  • Goal tags to report similar together

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Platform Features

  • Use our solution on the web or through apps in IOS or Android with HIPAA and FERPA privacy protections
  • Create custom goal scales or utilize our goal scale library
  • Participants self-report progress on successes and obstacles
  • Providers can reply in the platform to coach, motivate, and increase engagement
  • Updates: anytime, anywhere

User Testimonial – Hannah Kenny

Goal Scaling Solutions has enabled managers and leadership to have daily check-ins with staff without wasting a lot of “meeting” time. 30 -60 seconds from each side has allowed us to give regular feedback, identify issues before they happen, and show regular support. We have also been supporting a personal goal to help us feel more connected with our employees on more than just work-related goals.

I have noticed better ownership of their work and how they support each other as a team. It’s been great to see, and we are excited to expand this to other areas of our company!

Matthew Sortland, PharmD., Manager, Operations
OptiMed Health Partners

“I observed firsthand how impactful Goal Scaling Solutions can be in measuring goals and improving accountability in mental health treatment. GSS provides a platform where individuals and their providers can come together to brainstorm goals, turn large goals into manageable steps, and measure incremental progress. Goal updates have strengthened communication between myself and the people I serve and offer numerous opportunities to provide encouragement, motivation, and accountability, and have helped people to meet the goals that are most important to them.”

Ireana Destiney,
Assertive Community Treatment Team Member

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